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Le Renard is based on a journey to the satisfaction and individuality of making something with your hands, creating a product that is intrinsically unique.

Each Le Renard item is made in Los Angeles, using natural Indigo and small batch reactive dyes to hand-dye each piece.

What is the process of making a Le Renard Indigo totebag?
Upon completion each Le Renard bag is given a distinct name inspired by the California desert. But the process of making a completely unique, one-of-a-kind bag starts at inception. The 100% linen for each Le Renard bag is cut and individually tied into shibori before it’s dyed in natural, non-toxic indigo.  After two to three days and multiple dips in the indigo, the linen is sun-dried in a garden in Los Angeles and washed before it’s carefully crafted into a bag. The rust colored six inch, square suede internal pocket and lining is sewn in place. Matching suede hand-punched washers are made and installed to strengthen the rivets holding the natural leather straps. The leather straps start out light in color and organically darken with time and use to become an even better, more individual version. Just like you.

Where are your bags made?
In Los Angeles, California, United States.

Why are all the bags different?
Each bag is dyed independently and one at a time. Two bags will never be alike.

How can I pay?
Paypal which also accepts most credit cards.

When will my order ship?
All orders with the occasional exception will ship within 2 business days. If your package is a gift and you would like to make arrangements to have it ship earlier, please send us an email and we will get working on it right away. Arrival times vary by destination please see below or contact us for more details.

What is your return policy?
We accept returns within 7 days if the item is in original condition. We offer no refunds, but store credit or an exchange.

Some things are sold out, how often do you restock?
We’ll restock often with new items. Get on our mailing list if you’re you want to know when. And no, we’re not going to overwhelm you with emails.

What is the leather straps on the totes going to look like when they age?
About 3 months wear will result in something similar to this.

Who styles and photographs your items?
All shots are by the creator, Sarah Renard. Who, coincidentally is a photographer. And does take assignments. All the branding and graphic design is by the fantastic Matthew Deak.

Are your products guaranteed?
You bet! Given that you have cared for it in a loving manner we will most definitely stand behind our products, please contact us for more information.

May I place a special order?
Yes, but please note that due to the nature of the process, no two items will ever be exactly alike.

Where are you located, can we visit your studio for a story?
Yes, get in touch and we'd love to be part of your story. Just email to get a press-kit.

What stores carry Le Renard?
L.A & S.F: Heath Ceramics.
L.A: LA County Store
Boulder, CO: Twofold
Brooklyn, NY: People of 2morrow

Would you like to carry our products? Get in touch info@lerenardlerenard.com.

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